Students interested in the CSE emphasis must first be admitted into one of the participating departments.

Please visit the links below for specific information about admission into the department of your choice. You should mention in your application that you are interested in being admitted to the CSE emphasis.

Chemical Engineering
Computer Science
Earth Science
Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Application for Graduate Students is handled by the UCSB Graduate Division. Prospective students may review general admissions policies and apply for admission online at the Graduate Division Web site.

Adding an Interdisciplinary Emphasis

Students interested in adding an interdisciplinary emphasis to their major should first consult with their faculty/research advisor and Department Graduate Advisor or Chair. Both the program director of the interdisciplinary emphasis and the Department Graduate Advisor or Chair in the student's home department must approve the request.

Students petitioning to add an interdisciplinary emphasis should follow the steps outlined in the Change of Degree Status Petition Instructions and submit the petition to the Graduate Division, 3110 Cheadle Hall.  Please see the detailed instructions below.

Please note that interdisciplinary emphases do not appear on the diploma, but will appear on the official transcript. Submission of the petition to the Graduate Division is in addition to any emphasis-specific application process, and is necessary for the emphasis to appear on your official transcript.

1. If emphasis-specific documentation is required, submit documents directly to the program
2. Complete and sign the Change of Degree Status Petition
3. Attach the Cashier’s Office (1212 SAASB) receipt showing payment of the $20.00 petition fee
4. Obtain signatures from:
    a. Current home Department Chair or Graduate Advisor
    b. Interdisciplinary Emphasis/Certificate Program Advisor
    c. Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS) (International students only)
5. Bring the completed, signed, and paid petition to the Graduate Division in 3117 Cheadle Hall